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General questions

  1. Are trials available?

    Santa Cruz Saddlery does not work with trials as every saddle is custom made.

  2. What is Santa Cruz´s return policy?

    Every saddle has a warranty on the saddle´s tree. Returns will only be accepted under the warranty terms.

  3. What warranty covers Santa Cruz´s saddles?

    Every Santa Cruz saddle has a 3-year warranty that covers only the saddle tree under regular use.

  4. What do I do if I don’t know what size to get?

    If you are not sure what size and/or width you should get on your saddle, you can always check any saddle you have previously ridden on and compare. If you cannot do that, you may reach out to your saddle fitter so he/she can give you a hand with the measures.

  5. How should I take care of my saddle?

    You can rub in well with a sponge or cloth with oil, let it soak in for a while and polish if necessary. A regular use will keep the leather supple and resistant, and if accompanied by oiling, will extend its life.

    We recommend oiling the leather before its first use, and then, once every 3 months.

  6. What is a UGS?

    A Universal Gullet System (or UGS) is our own patented system which allows the saddle to change its width and adapt to the back of any horse! If you wish to learn more, watch our video! VIEW VIDEO

  7. Does my saddle have a Warranty?

    Every Santa Cruz saddle has a 3-year long warranty that covers the saddles tree under regular use.

  8. What kind of leather does Santa Cruz use?

    All our products are made from first grade Argentinean calfskin.

  9. What material are Santa Cruz´s saddle trees made of?

    Depending on the model, our saddle trees are made from plastic or wood reinforced with stainless steel.

  10. Why does Santa Cruz use synthetic wool instead of natural wool?

    The reason for this is that synthetic wool is easier to handle, it resists better the moisture and sweat of the horses back and it doesn’t loose its shape over time as natural wool.